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Hi I'm Sabrina,


Singer, songwriter, acoustic guitarist and mother, with an obsession for mediterranean olives!


My love for music started at the tender age of 5, when my parents brought me my first keyboard. As a child I used to play by ear my favourite Disney songs. I moved to Spain in 2007, entertaining restaurant guests by the sea with my music. In 2014 I returned home to the UK and met my gorgeous other half Aaron who is a wedding photographer. We now have a beautiful little girl Mia-Rose who is the joy of our lives and keeps us entertained! 

I specialise in contemporary folk music, the perfect style for relaxed and intimate weddings. As well as my go-to songs I can also take requests and arrange them in my style of music.

"Beautiful music, excellent sound and voice, real pleasure to listen to you"


"That was so pretty ! What a wonderful voice you have and you play beautifully, which I might add goes along with that beautiful smile of yours. You have a sweetness in your voice and I enjoyed listening to you play and sing"


"Excellent renditions. A beautiful choice of songs - as beautiful as you.

You have the voice of an angel. I wish you every success. You deserve it."